You will need
  • - birth certificate;
  • - passport (if available);
  • - statement by the candidate for admission;
  • - application of parents or guardians;
  • - report card on progress;
  • - characteristic study;
  • - certificate of employment of parents;
  • - information on the housing conditions of the family;
  • - 4 pics;
  • - medical report of the military Commission;
  • - medical insurance policy;
  • - the documents confirming the right to benefit (if any).
In the Moscow Suvorov military school enroll boys at the age of 15 years and who have completed eight grades. For orphans and children left without parental care, provides benefits. Children of military personnel serving in hot spots, employees under contract and having experience of more than 20 years, and also the sons of soldiers who died in the performance of or brought up without a mother, are enrolled out of competition.
The decision on admission, please contact the recruitment office at the place of residence. There will be documents and explain how to make an application for admission. Parents or persons, replacing them, should write a letter of consent to send their son to College and the subsequent enrollment in one of the military schools. You will also need a personal statement from the candidate.
Pass the medical Commission at the recruiting office and get a conclusion about the suitability of the training in military school. The parents of the candidate must request a certificate of employment and certificate, indicating that their housing conditions and family composition.
Request the documents at the place of study of the candidate. You will need a transcript, certified by the stamp and signature of the Director of the institution. In the same way certified and feature compiled by the class teacher.
Verify whether all necessary documents are on hand. The full list can be obtained in the military. If instead of the original copy is required, it must be notarized. Provide a complete package of documents to the admissions office of the College not later than may 15.
In the military will receive a demand for a ticket to travel to school and back. Non-resident applicants have the right to free travel, accommodation and meals during exams (1 through August 15).
By the beginning of the entrance examinations come to school. In addition to examinations in mathematics and Russian language provides for inspection of physical training and psychological testing of candidates. Applicants who have passed the first exam on the top five are exempt from further testing. All the rest should score required for admission, the number of points.
Withstood the exam and passed the competition applicants to study after the order of the head of the Moscow Suvorov military school.