Child benefits are divided into 2 kinds: up to 1.5 and up to 3 years. In addition, there is the so-called one-time benefits related to the birth of the baby. For example, in Moscow there is a city compensatory payment, which is usually issued together with a lump-sum benefit to young families. To obtain such payment needs to have at least one parent was a Muscovite (and the period of limitation for registration in the capital does not matter). For 2011, the amount of the payment is about 6,000 p., but each year this rate is indexed.

A Handbook for young Moscow families is 5 times the minimum living wages in the event of the birth of one child, 7 - for the second and 10 for third. To be eligible you need to both parents at the time of birth of the child was not more than 30 years.

To make such payment you can in your regional Department of social protection. For this you will need to collect a number of documents: passports of both parents, the help and especially a certain form from the registry office, birth certificate of baby, marriage certificate and Bank account details.

Young parents can count on one-time Federal aid. It is paid at the place of work of one of them. If the mother does not work, get it easy and the father. In the case when the mother is on maternity leave, she can issue a receipt of this payment in their accounts. You would need to bring a Declaration and help with the work of the other spouse that the benefits did not accrue to him.

In addition, young families rely on monthly child allowance until they reach a certain age. If the mother is employed and is on maternity leave, she should just write on the job application and bring a certificate from the registry office. In this case, the allowance for child care until their first 1.5 years and then 3 will pay her employer.

If the mother was unemployed or had not been employed, then it is a straight road for obtaining benefits again social security. Bring all the necessary paperwork. This is the original of the parents ' passports and copies of birth certificate of the child and its copy, copy of diploma or certificate (for previously employed, employment history), a certificate from the employment service that the mother registered in this organization is not a member and the benefit is not received, a certificate of the established sample from the work place of the father that he does not use the leave for child care and not receiving appropriate payment, a certificate of registration of the child at the specified place of residence, a photocopy of the Bank account to which you will receive benefits.

When the child reaches the age of 1.5 years the mother will need to go through the whole procedure manuals again, only to have to issue payments for child care up to three years. The amount of benefits each year is indexed.

In addition, low-income families whose gross income is less than the amount of the subsistence minimum, calculated on the number of people in a family can apply for additional compensation. Besides a basic list of documents you need to provide the earnings statement of all working family members.