You will need
  • - TV
  • - remote control TV.
Log in to the service menu TV Daewoo, to do this using the remote control to select the 91st channel. Set the value of Sharpness setting at minimum. Then exit Menu mode, press the following button sequence on the remote: Red, Green, Menu. The screen will appear the inscription Service Mode - service mode.
Enter the service menu of Panasonic TV, to do this, choose the 38th channel on the remote. At the same time click on the Store button and the "Program" button to Store the TV and Sleeptimer on the remote control, hold button four seconds.
Run open service menu of the TV set "Vityaz". For this bridge on monoplace checkpoint or go to standby, press the remote control button M, then OK, next, Mute, On. Or quickly press the Display button, Menu, Mute, Pow/on.
Remove the panel from the control panel, if you have a TV Aiwa, press the hidden button on the remote, which is located between the keys 8 and System, as shown in the diagram located at To enter the menu of the TV Shivaki click the Install button, then press the following buttons on the remote control: 4, 7, 2, then 5. Find the menu position Adjust and use it to manage the service menu of the TV.
Modify the remote control of the TV "Record" to enter its service menu. To do this, remove the top cover panel, make window in its lower part to fit the green Service button designed to enter in the service menu. Install the window any key. Please refer to the map located at to rework a remote control.