Write a statement to withdraw funds from a mobile account "MTS". Unfortunately, MTS still does not offer services for money transfer to Bank cards or electronic wallets. To return the money that was deposited to the mobile account, you will need to come to the office of the company "MTS" and write a statement of the request to return deposited funds. For the application to be valid and entered into consideration, the mobile phone number must be registered in your name, and you carry needs to be an identification document (passport). If everything is done according to the regulated rules that the money will be returned to you.
Transfer funds from the MTS to the number of another mobile operator, for example, Beeline. Beeline offers a wide range of services for the disposal of funds on the account of the mobile phone. They can transfer to a Bank card, Internet wallet or receive money by cash in any branch of "Anelik". To withdraw money from the account "MTS" is quite difficult, so for these purposes it is better to translate them into the number of another mobile operator.
Do the following to withdraw money from MTS. In order to transfer funds to the number of another subscriber, dial *112* then the phone number to which you want to transfer money, then * and the amount. Note that the sum should not exceed 300 rubles. This is especially inconvenient if you need to print the sum several times exceeding the limit, but nothing to do about it, so the operation described above will have to be done many times as necessary.
Can transfer via SMS. In the message text, enter the phone number to which you want to transfer money, then the amount not exceeding 300 rubles. Send SMS to number 112. More information about the company "MTS" on the official website