You will need
  • charger.
To determine the charge level of the battery, pay attention to specially devised for these purposes the indicators. In some devices there are special LEDs that are a particular color is shown to the user a status of the battery. Most often used green, yellow and red colors. Green shows that the battery level is maximum or close to that, yellow is a medium charge level of the battery and red is below average, or even in some cases, the device attempts to report the near completion of the work. Often this system is used and various network chargers.
If your device uses batteries, there is a special indicator strips, look at the number of them. It means the number of charged of the compartments of the battery. As you use the device, their number decreases. Such a system is relevant to mobile phones, portable players, navigators, e-books, tablets and so on. At full occupancy while charging the device can be disconnected from source of electricity supply.
To determine the charge level of the laptop, review the state of the corresponding icons in the tray notification area of the panel the backside Windows (located in the upper right corner of the screen). To check the remaining duration of your laptop battery, just hover over the icon the cursor.
You can also get more information by clicking on it twice with the left mouse button. Also, the level of battery charge when it shows its icon changing operation, move the cursor to see the time remaining to full charge and filled the capacity of the battery.