Team name dance depends on the dance style. Ball will require a gentle, sublime, a few aristocratic names, Eastern mysterious and luxury, Latin American - bright and sensual etc. Better if the name of the dance team will consist of one or two words easier to pronounce, inviting participants to the floor or to remember the audience, the place on billboards and posters.
Make a list of already used names of the dance teams in the same direction. The easiest way to do this using the online search on different requests ("team ballroom", "team dancing" "breakdance crew", etc.). Try to keep your title do not repeat already used ideas viewers can easily confuse the command.
Collect all the members of the dance team and arrange a "brainstorming". Let everyone offer maximum variants of the name, or just associations on this topic. In the first stage, simply record all suggestions, nothing commenting and not rejecting. When all the participants speak, you can begin selection. Call all options out loud, let the rest speak for or against, explaining his position. You can simplify this phase by arranging a simple vote for each option.
One or more names who received group approval, will check on euphony in pronunciation, unambiguity of perception by hearing and reading (preferably the name is not called foreign associations, especially comical or negative).
Check out how the word sounds in different declination (invite to the stage the team "rose Petals", a leading member of the "rose Petals" etc.). And as a final check to mentally ask yourself whether you'll like, sounding, to call the selected name of their team dance.