You will need
  • cable to connect the phone to the computer;
  • connection to the Internet.
  • program-antivirus.
Go to menu of your phone and locate your flash card. If in your model it is not provided as a separate menu item, open control panel find the file Manager. Select in the list the memory of your removable drive. Usually this method open a flash drive available for smartphones.
In the main menu, look for office tools and go to the module management of memory of your mobile device. Select among them the memory card of the phone. You can also find it in the menu "Files", it concerns mainly some older models of Samsung and LG. Also opening the files on the flash card of your mobile device, you can use the specially provided for this utilities standard phone or from the gallery.
If you have installed the app-browser of files, open it in the main menu of your memory card. If his installation was not provided by the manufacturer, you can download an application like File Explorer to your mobile device.
Before that, please note that software installation is not available for each phone model. Before downloading any application, ensure platform compatibility and make sure under the screen resolution of your mobile phone with the specified parameters permit.
Before you copy the installation file to your phone memory for installation, check it for viruses and malicious code. Please note that the application must not require to work correctly, the sending of calls or connect to the Internet.
If you encounter problems opening a flash card in the phone menu, check a proper fit to your mobile device. If the problem persists, format it using standard means of your phone from the menu of file Manager or connecting it to a computer using a cable or adapter.