Rate, what will be the total number of consumers of energy in your house, how much power they will consume. Consider the electricity demand of household appliances, and heating system, if any design of the structure. Summarize data to determine the needs of your economy in electricity.
Consult with a written statement to the organization in charge of electricity in your area. In the statement, specify the address to which you want to install the power supply and the required power. It is here that you will need a pre-made calculations.
After submitting the application will receive technical conditions for connection to the electrical network. Be patient, since such harmonization would require about a month.
With the received specifications, contact the project organization, saying that you need a basic project to obtain permission for connecting to the electrical network. After preparation of the project agree in local RTN.
After the approval of the controlling authority, make sure that the project was applied with the test report. Collect all documents in one single package, which should also include the certificates of fulfilment of technical conditions, technological connection and on the partition boundaries.
Get a counter, agreeing the type and parameters of the inspection services and then register it. After registering, you will receive a monthly book.
Agree with the master of the organization, ensuring the energy supply in the district, regarding the installation of electrical communications from the Central network to your site. Be sure to install and connect the electric meter, then it will be sealed. Counter easier just to mount on the outside of the house, in separate well-isolated panel.
After connecting to the main plug for connecting the network wiring the entire country. If you are not confident in their abilities, invite for these purposes a professional electrician.