There are four signs that everyone should know, to be able to help both themselves and their loved ones. The first thing to do is ask the patient to smile. When you stroke the smile is not impossible, it becomes a curve, since the death of nerve cells disrupts the conduction of nerve impulses. Typically a stroke is only on one side, so the movement of the muscles of the face asymmetrically, there is a paralysis of one side of the face. If there is a suspected stroke at himself, and no one is around – look in the mirror and understand everything.
Second test – ask the patient to say a simple sentence. If he is unable, slurred speech, then a stroke. This happens due to the fact that as a result of neuronal death, they do not create nerve impulses, so the person loses the ability to speak. A simple sentence becomes an impossible action.
After a stroke a person is not able to raise both arms, because the muscles do not get the command to work.
Ask the patient to show the tongue - stroke that also fails, since half of the language does not receive signals from the brain due to nerve cell death. The language twisted, turned, as he is half paralyzed.