Preoperative preparation – the key to success not only in surgery but in the recovery of the body. So if you still scheduled for surgery agree to prior hospitalization. You will undertake a course of supporting therapy, which will reduce the risk of various complications. Try not to be nervous, and quietly look forward to that day when it happens. Emotional tension contributes to high blood pressure that affects blood clotting.
After surgery follow all the recommendations of experts. To the body is not weakened, eat even if you don't want that. Liquid drink broth, eat dairy products and natural juices, boiled fish and red caviar. With the right approach to supply the power back to you a few days later. If you completely refuse to eat, the process of healing of stitches and regeneration of the operated organ will take a long time.
Try as much as possible to move. If you constantly lie, the blood will begin to stagnate, which will cause even more discomfort. Of course, the first days you will feel strong pain in the area of the seam, but it will gradually go away. Go for a walk in the fresh air, it will not only lift your mood, but also enrich the blood with oxygen.
Consult your doctor about the need for the application of vitamin complexes. The necessary substances in the right quantities do not enter the body with food, and they needed to accelerate tissue regeneration. Synthetic analogues will help to solve this problem. If after surgery you have been prescribed antibiotics, you need to restore the intestinal microflora. Take bifidobacteria and lactobacilli.
Periodically visit the hospital to monitor your condition. Donate blood, get checked out by a doctor. Gradually your body will recover. A few months later from postoperative suture will remain only a barely noticeable trace.