You will need
  • - warm water;
  • - soft cloth;
  • - the spray gun;
  • - special stain remover;
  • - decorative jewelry;
  • the rest of the Wallpaper;
  • glue.
Fill the spray bottle with warm water and spray on the spot where the dried up smeared Wallpaper paste. After spraying, leave slightly moistened with water Wallpaper for five minutes to ten, and then gently wipe the stain with a moistened soft cloth. But it is important not to overdo it! If the Wallpaper glued thin paper, then make the effort a little more than you should, so you can grate to the hole. And it is the last will definitely be worse than the first. This method is applicable if thick glued Wallpaper.
If the Wallpaper glue is still fresh, i.e., not had time to dry, try as quickly as possible wipe it with a slightly dampened cloth. Gently RUB: here, force is not necessary, rather the necessary caution and care. If rubbing with excessive zeal, not only to spoil the picture (it will spread), but not surprising to the hole and reached in.
Ask in specialized shops, in which sells building and finishing material, do they have a special tool that designed for removing all kinds of stains from paper Wallpaper, including spots, put Wallpaper paste.
If, however, the removal of stains on the Wallpaper with a hole in it, don't worry: this place is close to some of the original decoration, for example, a beautiful butterfly or a flower.
If the stain failed, otderite gently from the wall the lane, where the set was slick, and in its place palate a new piece.