You will need
  • - cuttings of Chinese roses;
  • - expanded clay;
  • peat land;
  • - ground sheet;
  • - sand;
  • loam;
  • - humus soil.
Hibiscus can grow as cuttings and seeds, but Chinese rose at home easier to grow from rooted cuttings, a cut in the middle or late summer. For cuttings cut shoots with a length of about ten centimeters. It is desirable that the escape had three or four sheet. If they be more, separate from the escape portion of the leaves or cut each lamina half. This way you will prevent the drying out of the cutting.
For rooting cuttings of Chinese roses provide a container with a drainage hole or a layer of expanded clay on the bottom. Mix the substrate from the same quantity of river sand, peat, leaf soil and put a layer of this mixture on top of the drainage.
Moisten the substrate and put the cuttings zaglubit them in the soil for one or half an inch. Rooted shoots will feel much better if you cover them with a glass jar or a transparent film.
Some growers use when growing Chinese rose another widespread method of rooting in pooled water. If you prefer it that way, drop into the water a tablet of activated charcoal to prevent rotting of the cuttings. However, for Chinese rose this method of rooting is not recommended.
After the cuttings of hibiscus will root they can be planted in individual pots. Plants under five years of age, are transplanted each year, so for newly rooted cuttings pick up a small pot.
The drainage layer put the mixture of four parts peat, three parts of the leaf and part of the humus of the earth. Add in the substrate, one part sand and plant the plant in the prepared mixture.
Pair Chinese rose permanent place with good lighting. Summer hibiscus require generous watering. If the air in the room where growing Chinese rose, dry, spray the plant. In winter, do not water the hibiscus too often, but make sure that the ground doesn't dry out.
In vivo Chinese rose is a shrub, but the plant is grown in a room can be shaped in the form of miniature trees. To do this, cut the side branches, until the hibiscus reaches the desired height, after which presidnete the top and form a compact crown of several side branches. Trim Chinese rose should be in February.