To begin, select the service on which you are going to start the box. The number of postal services is unlikely anyone will be able to count too many of them. They are both paid and free. The main difference lies in the services - paid boxes have good spam protection, and responsive tech support, reliable antivirus. But the average Internet user paid box to anything. The most popular of free are such the postal service as "" "" "" "" "". Once you have made your selection, proceed to registration.
Registration is a series of simple steps and is, if not identical, then very similar for all mail services. One example is the check on
1) Go to the website of the postal service (the service name is the same as the Internet address)
2) Select the "open Inbox" under the login window.
3) Fill in the "Name" and "Surname"
4) Fill in "Login" field. Email consists of two parts. So, in the email address that email will serve as username.
5) Click next.
6) Create a password and enter it in the appropriate field.
7) Select security question and enter your and give the answer. You will need it in case if you forget the password to your e-mail box.
8) Enter the code below to confirm your registration and click "Register".
So, your box was. Now you only have to go into it. To do this, use the form to login. In the field "Login" enter your login in the field "Password" - invented before the password. Click "Sign in", selecting "Remember me". Now you can specify this address when registering for various sites and use it for correspondence with friends.