Advice 1: How to format system hard disk drive

To format some hard disk partitions usually use the standard tools of Windows operating systems. The problem is that this method is not suitable for the removal of information from system disk partition.
Format partition hard drive leads to complete Erasure of information stored on it. If you have any drive, allowing you to access the command prompt or DOS mode of the computer, insert it in the drive and turn your PC on. After downloading the command line enter the command disklist to see a list of existing partitions. Specify the letter for the one that you want to format.
Type format C: and press Enter. This example is the letter of the desired topic. Wait for message that operation completed successfully.
Another way to remove information from system local disk to install the new OS. To do this, use the Windows installation disc. After opening a menu selecting the partition to continue installation, select the one that need to be cleaned. In the next window, select "Format in NTFS" and confirm the start of the process.
When working with an installation disc of Windows Seven can not only format the desired partition, and change its settings, namely: to extend the volume, delete it, to connect the several sections into a single local disk.
Another option for formatting the system partition of the hard drive – connecting it to another computer. This method allows you to run the operating system from other Winchester, and to perform any operations with partitions of your disk. In that case, if your operating system cannot boot, you can copy your important information on another partition. Use this method if you are unable to access the necessary information using your computer.

Advice 2: How to format a hard drive on the computer

To clean the entire hard drive or of one of its sections is recommended to use the process of formatting. It can be exercised by resorting to various proven methods.
You will need
  • - a Windows installation disc.
In that situation, when you need to format the partition the hard diskon which no operating system installed, use the standard utilities of the Windows operating system. Go to "My computer".
Just right click on the partition or the whole disk you want to format. Select "Formatting". Specify the cluster size of the future volume and type of the file system. Add a volume label, if necessary. Click "Start" to start the formatting process section.
If you need to format the system partition on the hard disk, the task is slightly more complicated. Remove the hard drive from the system unit. Connect this hard drive to another computer. Enable this PC.
Start the operating system. Go to "My computer". Repeat the algorithm described in the second step. Turn off the computer. Install the hard drive in the first PC.
If you do not have the ability to connect hard drive to another computer, then format the system partition during the installation of another operating system. Insert the disk containing the Windows installation files into a drive. Turn on the computer.
Start the process of installing a new operating system. When the installation process comes to select the partition hard disk, specify the local disk where the operating system is installed, to be deleted.
In the next window, select "Format to FAT32" or "NTFS". Install a new operating system on the selected partition.
Setup Windows Seven and Vista allows you to carefully adjust the status of hard drives. First, click the "configure disks" (Disk Settings) to display the menu of additional functions.
Select the hard disk drive or partition on which the operating system is installed. Click "Format". Select the partition to install the new operating system. Click "Install".
Useful advice
Be careful when working with the command line. Accidental formatting the wrong partition may lead to serious consequences.
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