Go to the official website of the Pension Fund of the Russian Federation. Under the symbols in the upper left menu, you will see a menu, click on the first item "Pension Fund". You will see a submenu, select last line "Branches PFR".
Select Federal district in which located your area or country. You will see a list of departments of each subject of the Russian Federation for the relevant district. Click on the desired area.
Please note on the left side of the opened page. Menu, located in the orange rectangle click the "secession". Then under the row submenu will appear, you need his fourth point "Contact and schedule management." Click on it.
Read the information that appeared in the main part of the page. It lists the branch of the Pension Fund of Russia in the region. Click on your desired area, and you will see the management address, phone numbers, hours and email address.
Use the interactive map link to which is located in the upper right corner of the home page. On the map, move the cursor to the schematic representation of the regional centers of the Russian Federation, this will popup a window indicating the name of the branch of the RPF, for example, "pension Fund Branch in the Kirov region". Then reproduce the steps described in step 3.
Find out information about the management of the Pension Fund of your city by telephone to the territorial offices (national, regional or provincial). On the home page click on the last line of the menu "Contacts" in the orange rectangle. Note the bold dark green words "contact phones of territorial departments of the pension Fund for citizens 'appeals", click on the link, select district, and a subject of the Federation.