Find out about current sweepstakes and lotteries, attend the opening of various shops, shopping and entertainment centers, participate in surveys and sign up for thematic resources to get timely information about such events in your city. This is a rather dubious method, but in some cases effective.
With participation in the sweepstakes, always use real data and be very careful with services that require account activation user sending a message or confirmation sent through to your phone code. It is possible that this was just another trick of the scammers.
Attend seminars of manufacturers, conducted among users of devices from a particular manufacturer. It is possible that they will be distributing mobile phones to the most active participants. Also learn about current manufacturers promotions, in which it will be possible to get a cell phone.
Get the phone free with the purchase of another product. Is often practiced with a cellular to attract more number of customers. Also, this option is available when the balance is replenished by a certain amount or when you register a new SIM card - learn details in retail outlets of mobile electronics in your city.
Also pay attention to client departments of the operators. Often they also assume the sale of SIM cards, while prepaid clients are provided with a mobile phone. Learn more on the official sites of the operators of your city. There may also be negative – the binding of phone to a particular number. Either the device can support the SIM cards of this operator.