You will need
  • is the charger going to set.
Look in the configuration to the mobile phone iPhone 3g stand, cable, power adapter for the Apple device USB. Connect the device to the outlet. Please note that some models of this phone have the included adapters to connect to the network of another sample than you're used to seeing - this happens when buying goods in another country.
In this case, it is not recommended to charge your mobile device from the mains using the adapter on the outlet of the usual sample, and use the cable connection to the computer, otherwise you may damage or the device itself, or power adapter.
Connect your mobile device the iPhone 3G to the computer using the connecting cable and docking station that also included upon purchase. To complete pairing of the devices must also be installed on your PC the software for Apple devices – iTunes. You can download it on the official website of the developer, after selecting the version installed according to your computer's operating system.
When charging mobile phone iPhone 3G please note that the computer must be on, otherwise the phone will be discharged. Also, unplug the computer goes to sleep or keep him on during the whole connection time of the mobile phone to him.
If you have paired your iPhone 3G with your computer for the first time, register by creating an account in the system. To do this, specify all the necessary data and complete the appropriate form to send to Apple. In the case of synchronization, you may need a longer time than when charging in normal mode. Once charging is complete, disconnect the device from the power source. The first few charges should be made within 8-10 hours.