You will need
  • - pumpkin seeds, water, honey, magnesium sulphate;
  • green walnuts, salt, laxatives;
  • - peppermint, buckthorn bark brittle, flowers, tansy, wormwood herb, rhizomes of Valeriana officinalis, seeds of wild carrots;
  • - pumpkin seeds, garlic, a laxative, enema, herring.
Has long been used pumpkin seeds to combat tapeworm. Take 300 grams pumpkin seeds (raw or dried), and carefully freed from the husk, being careful to keep the green shell. Grind sunflower seeds in small portions in the special mortar. Then pour 10-15 drops of pure water and continuously stirring, just need to add 50-60 ml. For flavor you can add a tablespoon of honey, sugar or jam. Eat on an empty stomach one teaspoon, you should eat the whole batch in one hour. Three hours later drink the sulphate of magnesia (15-30 grams of magnesia in half a glass of warm water) and after half an hour put an enema.
For the removal of tapeworms and tapeworm, it is recommended to use the following recipe: take four tablespoons of green young walnuts and chop. Pour a glass of slightly salted boiling water and steep for thirty minutes, strain. The prepared infusion drink during the day, alternating with laxatives drug.
Mix the following ingredients: 20 grams of peppermint leaves, 20 grams of the bark of the breaking buckthorn, 20 grams of the flowers of common tansy, 20 grams of herb wormwood and 20 grams of rhizomes Valeriana officinalis. Add 30 grams of seeds of wild carrots. Two tablespoons of cooked collection pour a glass of boiling water and steep for twenty minutes, strain. Take one glass twice a day for three days.
For getting rid of tapeworms it is recommended to eat on an empty stomach, 200 grams of crushed pumpkin seeds, an hour later, drink a decoction of garlic (two tablespoons of minced garlic per Cup of milk). After another half an hour take a strong laxative and an hour later take a cleansing enema of two tablespoons of garlic, mixed in two litres of water. At night eat a whole herring.