You will need
  • - old toothbrush;
  • - soap solution;
  • - cleaning of suede, leather and nubuck;
  • newspaper;
  • brush
Gently rinse the dirt from the soles of sneakers. To remove clogged the foot of the small stones and debris, you can use an old toothbrush.
Leather sneakersTreat the soiled areas with a damp sponge with the addition of a special shampoo for the skin. If this shampoo wasn't - you can use a mild soap solution.Never wash leather shoes in a washing machine. Do not use products that contain bleach.Dry the shoes at room temperature. Apply a colourless product to care for leather goods.
Sneakers are made of synthetic materialisation clean the dirt with a soft sponge. Heavily soiled shoes can be washed in warm water with soap. To remove stubborn dirt use a soft brush. Thoroughly rinse and dry the shoes.
Sneakers will extravasate sneakers and remove dirt with a soft brush. Wash the shoes by hand in warm water using soap solution. Rinse thoroughly.To remove stains you can use special stain removers or gasoline.Do not wash running shoes they textile materials in the washing machine and do not use chlorine bleaches. Dry shoes at room temperature and treat with water-repellent preparations.
Sneakers nuuktal dry the shoes and remove any dirt and dust with a special brush. Gently RUB the space pollution stone for suede or treat cleaner. Let sneakers dry. Again, treat the shoes with a brush, moving it in one direction.When cleaning nubuck shoes to use water is not recommended - you can ruin the material. Once a month treat sneakers special conformal tool.
No matter what material is made your sneakers, be sure to dry them after each use. To do this, pull the laces and the footbed is of course, if it was not glued. The maximum pull the "tongue" sneakers out. Stuff the shoes with Newspapers - they will absorb moisture and help keep the shape. Leave to dry at room temperature.It is not recommended to place shoes in the vicinity of the heaters or use a Hairdryer for drying.Regularly use a special deodorant for shoes - they will prevent bacteria and odor.