To get started, go to the site itself To do this, launch your Internet browser and type in the address bar of your browser without quotes "". You'll see the main page of the site.
On the left side of the page that appears, find a small block called "Mail". Locate the words "Forgot?" and click it with the mouse. Opens the password recovery page. On it you will need to enter your username from mailbox, and then click "Next".
On the new opened page, you must answer the secret question you provided when creating the box. If your answer is correct, you are on the page where you need to enter the captcha so the system can verify that you are not a robot. After every transactions, the system will restore your access to the mail box in a few minutes.
There are occasions when the restore password access yourself for any reason impossible. Then you need to contact support. Just fill out a special form. In this form try to provide as much personal information about yourself: your name, your date of birth, place of residence, additional e-mail, as well as the approximate information about the last login to this mailbox. This form will allow you to restore access in the shortest possible time.
If your entry coincides with a previously specified data during the registration, to the address you will be sent a link to reset the password within three working days. Do not repeat the queries to the expiration of this period. In case of repeated requests, the system will issue a new password in response to each of them, and you, accordingly, will not be able to figure out which of the passwords issued to you are correct.