Advice 1: How to convert acres to hectares

A common unit of area of farmland plots is "weaving", i.e., one hundred square meters. In addition, the "weaving" is a hundredth of a hectare, and one ar. Of course, in the measurement space used and more standard units, square meter and multiples unit square kilometer. But in agriculture these units for measurement of land parcel areas are very rare.
You will need
  • calculator;
  • - handle;
  • paper.
To translate the area given in acres, hectares (ha), divide the number of acres per 100 (can be multiplied by a factor of 0.01). As a formula this can be written as follows:Kg = KS / 100, or Kg = KS * 0,01 where:KS is the number of acres,Kg – the number of hectares.
Example: the area of the standard suburban area is 6 acres.Question: how many hectares is equal to the area of?Solution: 6 * 0,01 = 0,06 ha. Answer: the standard size of suburban area — 0,06 ha.
To translate acres into hectares , you can simply move the decimal point in the number of acres on the two digits to the left:234,56 -> 2,3456, that is 234,56 acres meet 2,3456 hectare.If left of the decimal point are not enough digits, you must add their insignificant zeros:2,3456 -> 002,3456 -> 0,023456.If the decimal point in the number of acres is not at all (i.e., the amount of acres is an integer), then pririsuyte the decimal point to the right of the number, and then transfer it as described above:2 -> 002, -> 0,02
If the number of hectares in the result of conversion is too small (e.g., as in the latter case), the result is clearer to write in square meters.To convert the area value from hectares to square meters, please note that the hectare - ten thousand square meters. I.e. the number of hectares will need to be multiplied by 10000. Then 0.02 ha of the previous example can be presented as 0.02 * 10000 = 200 m2.
To avoid mistakes in the translation area of the agricultural units in the physical and Vice versa, use the following ratios:1 sotka = 1 ar = 100 m2 = 0,0001 km2;100 "Ares" = 100 ar = 1 hectare = 10000 m2 = 0,01 km2.

Advice 2: How to convert to hectares

Almost any surveying work require a recalculation of values. So, often we have to translate the hectares to meters, acres, and Vice versa.
The hectare is a unit of measurement in the metric system. The term is derived from the Latin language by reducing. The hectare is the basic metric unit of land commonly used in practice.
The hectare is widely used throughout the world both metric and legal unit of measurement in areas concerning land ownership, planning, and management, including agriculture, forestry, and urban development and the planning and sale of land, overall land use.
In many countries, the introduction of a new metric system in hectares meant that the national units was either revised or explained in terms of a new metric. The following units have been revised in relation to one hectare:
1 ha = 10,000 m2 = 100 ar = 100 acres = 0,01 km2.
For clarity and simplicity, you can use the table:1 cm 2=100 mm 2
1 dm2=100cm2
1m2=10 000см2
1A=10 000дм2
1 hectare=10 000m2
1km2=100 ha
1km2=1 000 000m2
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