You will need
  • - 4 m aluminum or copper wire ( diameter 3 mm);
  • - 176 balloons (diameter 11 cm);
  • - Scotch.
Bend the wire in the form of drops, connecting the ends with duct tape, but not in its final form, and roughly, for convenience. Inflate the balloons and tie them in pairs by the tails (better to do it together). Then pairs of beads connect to each other, four pieces in bundles: apply a pair of cross and twist.
Mark the middle drops of the upper point on the arc, begin to attach four balls, starting from this point. Mark the center point with tape or a ribbon to know where then bend the design on the heart shape. Attach the bundle to the wire by the junction of the tails and twist through the wire.
Prikruchivayte balls evenly on the right and left of center. Leave for 10 -15 cm of wire free of beads at the ends. Remove the tape holding the ends of the wire roughly, fold the 5 cm from the ends inward, connect curved pieces and wrap with tape.
Fold design on the heart shape: bend wire into location marked with tape, then grasp the right and left of the bend and bend the shape a little deeper.
Double heart, if the jewelry is prepared on the occasion of the connection of two hearts. For this first phase of work to bend two drops of wire and thread one into the other. Then repeat the entire sequence of steps.
Adorn the heart of the bulbs: a very impressive look artificial roses woven into a garland. It is not necessary to weave because the beads on the wire reinforced is very tight, and it is sufficient to insert roses between them. The decoration can be flower balloon of a smaller size, contrasting colors: pick up 5 balls of the same color and size, 1 ball is smaller and of a different color (for middle of flower). Inflate and tie the tails in pairs, connect pairs with each other, twisted places bundles of tails, place the middle of the flower in the center.