You will need
  • - computer and text editor;
  • - paper and pen.
The distinctive characteristics of essay in General, and pedagogical essays in particular – low volume and free form presentation. When writing an essay on the computer look no more than a 12-m size (with single or semi-double spaced). On paper, it will be a sheet and a half.
Free form causes some confusion, but for convenience, set yourself limits. Mentally divide the future composition into three unequal parts: the introduction, which will feature question (also specified by the subject of the essay); the main part, in which you'll answer it; the conclusion, where you repeat the same theses answers in a short form.
The ratio of parts by volume is approximately as follows: 1:2:1. In other words, mentally you can divide the volume of the future essay into parts before writing. This form of composition is versatile for many works of literary art, so the analysis of other works you will find traces of it. In fact, the essay is a miniature copy of the abstract, a scientific treatise or any other work. Its advantage compared to a large form – availability, digestibility and exciting presentation of the material.
In the introduction, briefly describe the history of the issue. Specify the names and date when issue has been raised for the first time, bring two or three points of view, not emphasizing his attitude toward them. It is important that they are radically different from each other, was the opposite. Please note that the issue is still not resolved, but you try to answer it.
In the middle part indicate own point of view and provide arguments in its favor. This may be the opinions of contemporaries and figures of the past, your personal observations and experience. Divide the answer into several parts, proving his point of view consistently.
In the final part, indicate that you failed to give a convincing answer to the question. Confirm a second time that the case is so, how you presented in the essay.