Determine the names of any of the types of products and brands will be used in the lottery. If you do not have a direct contract with the manufacturers, you have to sign in order to avoid litigation over illegal use of the trademark in commercial purposes. Not to enter into such contracts, you can make a list of the prizes (or products that you must purchase to participate in the rafflee) without mentioning the manufacturer in this way: "buy any TV and get a car", "purchase three packs of any powder, came label – take a washing machine".
Prepare the location where you must specify the duration of the promotion, the procedure, the rules of engagement. Create in paper and electronic form, the layout of the coupon and advertising modules. Refer these documents to the tax office (Federal, if the promotion will be conducted at the national level, urban – local). Imagine and company's articles of Association, certificate of incorporation and VAT number. All documents must be submitted 20 days prior to the start of the action and within 15 days, the employees of tax authorities will be obliged to consider them. Only if a positive decision on your question, you will be able to conduct a lottery.
Don't forget that any ad layout must be specified the timing of the action and the information about it (link to a website where it can be found, or the address and phone number of the store).
Do not use when holding a drawing ofher lottery equipment. Create an electronic or paper format table (for example, 40×7 cells), populate it with the ID number of each participant (specified in coupons or rated in order of consideration of applications). After – print 10 cards (from 0 to 9). Place them in a container or bag. Invite one of the members of the lottery Commission (usually representatives of the "Union for the protection of consumer rights") to first pull 1 card out of the bag. Write a winning number. Place the card back in the bag. After this, call the following member of the lottery Commission and ask him about the same. And so as long as the identification number (usually six digits) is not defined completely.
Notify winners of the lottery at the specified on their coupons home address or telephone number. By the way, the participants of the lottery can also be present when the draw ofe, the time and location they should be notified in advance.