Advice 1: How to disassemble the stove

If you want to change the heating to a new, gas or electric, or decided to lay down a new stove, the old need to parse. When disassembling the stove you need to consider some points.
To disassemble the oven very carefully as the inner side of the bricks is black. Soot, it's not ash. She has a fat basis, and to launder it will be difficult.
If disassembled brick you will need it, then remove without tearing.
Begin to disassemble the stove pipe.
First dismantle the pipe on the roof. If the pipe was metal, it need to rock on and off. A brick chimney, you need to dismantle brick by brick. To help yourself you need a hammer. You can pick open a place of a laying trowel.
Dismantling pipe on the roof, go to the attic.
Continue disassembly of the pipe already in the house.
After the pipe is disassembled, the next step is to disassemble in a circle, starting at the top and working down.
Remove it from the oven, the stove, door and grates.
The last stage of disassembly is the analysis of the grounds on which stood the stove.

Advice 2: How to disassemble the stove in Gazelle

The Gazelle is the most convenient and practical cargo vehicle. It can be used to transport small cargoes and loose mixes, such as cement or sand. Notably low fuel consumption compared to other trucks. It makes the Gazelle more efficient, and therefore profitable to buy.
Stove Gazelle provides comfort for the driver and passengers the interior temperature of the car. This is especially important in the winter when the stove without the driver it will be very cold, and he can hardly control the car properly.

To disassemble the stove car the Gazelle, be patient and prepare various tools such as hammer, screwdrivers, wrenches, pliers, wire cutters and more. First remove the dashboard, then disconnect all hoses and control cables from the stove, and remove the entire heater Assembly.
The first half of the disassembly of the stove completed, now proceed to disassembly the heater, which plays an important role in maintaining in the passenger compartment the required temperature. Remove the four nuts, while holding the key on the bolts 10 which fasten the cap of the motor to the heater.
Remove the hood and then the fan. After you remove the gasket with a screwdriver remove the two screws of fastening and remove the impeller from the motor shaft. After implementing all the above steps, remove the resistor and a protective cover. The analysis of the stove of the car Gazelle can be considered completed.
The oven interior Gazelle has a similar structure with other stoves of the cars produced in our country. For example, some parts of the stove of the vehicle can be used to upgrade and improve the technical performance of the stove gazelles. Many drivers complain that winter in the cabin of the Gazelle is very cold. This is because of the Central air ducts often the air is cold. Many plug their blankets or duct tape. But there is another way, just install in a regular oven additional heatsink and at any time of the year in the car will be a comfortable temperature.
Business Gazelle stove should always be in working condition. In case of failure to promptly take appropriate measures. If you yourself are not able to cope, ask for help at the auto shop where your problem will solve in no time.
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