You will need
  • - local network.
  • scanner;
  • - the Internet.
Use the RemoteScan app 5, to share a scanner over the network. Download this program the link Next, install it on the computers. Accordingly, the computer connected to the scanner server version on the other PC to which it is necessary to connect the scanner via the network client.
Note that when you install the client version of the program can be reported and no scanner, do not pay attention to him. After the installation is complete the server side of the application pane, right-click the program icon in the system tray. To access the settings.
Select the scanner, configure the ports to access it. Please note that the determination device may require one to three minutes. If not, then your scanner model is not supported by the application.
Wait until the icons disappear, the icon for strikethrough. Open the antivirus program/firewall. Allow access to the port scanner, which by default is 6077. If you have NOD32 antivirus, then go to personal firewall, open the preferences, select interactive mode, create a separate rule for the program RemoteScan. Install the client application on all the computers, add the special software and scan over the network.
Use another program to share the scanner over the network if the previous application was not determined your scanner. To do this, download program Blindscanner. Click on the link select the version you need, download and install on computers server and client software respectively. The setup is similar.